Mona B. is Coming to Beauteous Barberton!

True story my friends! Alter’d Relics has ordered lots and lots of Mona B. bags…..since it’s hard for me to decide I just ordered a couple of each.  One for me and one for the shop. (Just kidding) These bags sell out fast, so if you really want one… say if you buy your own Mother’s Day gift to be assured you get the right gift, come in and put a deposit down on the one you love.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed Mother’s Day morning….your breakfast in bed might be yucky but your gift will be yummy.


These sweet sturdy totes, purses and wallets are made out of old tents and trimmed in leather, my guess is they’ll last forever and a day. Maybe since ‘Mona B.’ bags don’t have a last name, only an initial, we should start calling them ‘Mona Barberton’ bags.

Don’t wait too long…..

Pretty Pitiful to Pretty Perfect


We had a sweet couple stop in Saturday to drop off a piece that means the world to her.  She told us the story of how she remembered this buffet being at the center of family gatherings at her grandmas house and how her grandma eventually left her the buffet.  Several years passed, she also moved and the buffet sat in her father’s garage (please notice her sons handiwork with silver spray paint)  just waiting to be loved again and to be the center of more family gatherings.  The time is now.  I’m so excited to be a part of this new beginning from pretty pitiful to pretty perfect.  Stay tuned for pictures of the updated buffet, this story is for certain headed to a happy ending!  Thanks Jennifer for entrusting your prized possession to us, you’re gonna love her Re-do.

Another Spring Sighting!


Happy spring colors are starting to fill our shop and windows.  These darling floral shoes will for certain lift your spirits and make you forget all about the Ohio snow.  If you love them, you best be hurrying in, we only have one pair per size.  The shop will be open this evening from 5-8 (closed during the day today) and Saturday from 11-4.  Spring on in!

Spring has Sprung!


Exciting news at the Hedgewood Cottage!  Spring has sprung in my back yard…or better yet…springs have sprung in my backyard.  (Just ignore the mound of frozen snow in the background and the snowmobiles zipping across the golf course.)  These old springs are from bus seats and now they’re sweet vases with stands.  My man with the very strongest of hands helped me unspring (my newest made up word) the springs and insert the bottles so they’re nice and tight and stand oh so proudly.  The stronghanded man said, “who wants rusty springs”?  I said “all our fabulous customers, that’s who”!  So come on ladies, come buy some springy vases and prove me right and him wrong….I’ll just have to be very delicate when I tell him I was right once again.  I wouldn’t want him to wrap those strongest of hands around my dainty, wrinkly neck.  Think positively, spring really is right around the corner. 

Beautiful Things are Coming to Beauteous Barberton


Two beautiful things are coming to our little town….cherry blossoms around Lake Anna and Cari Cucksey.  Okay, okay; the cherry blossoms won’t arrive for a couple months…but they’re coming I promise but unfortunately, Cari isn’t coming to Beauteous Barberton any time soon….but her new paint line is!  The paint line is called “RePurpose” and it consists of 15 fun paint colors (with 10 more on the way which should arrive about the same time as the aforementioned cherry blossoms) and 12 colored stains.  These products are foolproof which means yes; YOU can use it and YES before you know it, you’ll be reinventing everything in sight and loving every minute of it….it cures just about any surface ailment.  The new goodies are at the shop (once again I traveled through a snow storm for you but this time, Gary was driving Miss Daisy) neatly stacked in their boxes just waiting for me to cleverly display them.  Not quite sure yet how I’m going to display them, but I can almost guarantee you that I’ll be losing sleep for the next couple nights trying to figure that out.  Cue the insomnia.

For those of you that watch HGTV aka ‘my nemesis’ you may recognize Cari from her show “Cash and Cari” where she shows us her estate sale escapades and gives pointers on just about anything vintage.  She also has a retail shop plus she travels to shows in her sweet Airstream trailer.  So yep, I would say that she’s a pretty big deal in Michigan and not to mention, she’s cute as a button and a real go-getter!  That little blond package isn’t afraid of work!

And last but not least: as promised, we’ll be having classes in the near future hopefully before the cherry blossoms bloom so please follow the blog for updates and schedules.  Those of you that have spare time on your hands, feel free to stop by the shop and help me organize the back room so we can get those classes started before the blooming begins.  Just kidding….but I have to admit, it sure sounds like a great idea!