I love you ‘Colors of Sweden’. . . . all 128 pounds of you!


F I N A L L Y !  (As in yes; I’m very impatient)  Finally it has arrived. . . .we’ve been waiting for over a month for the unveiling of our new paint colors.  We had to keep it secret until the launch and I have to say, it was hard but so worth the wait.  I think the ‘Colors of Sweden’ are the most beautiful colors yet, they’re all so soft and sweet and anyone that knows me, knows I love pastels.  Not to mention, the lime wash and the special topcoat mute the colors even more making them sweeter than sweet!  For those of you that maybe don’t like the lime wash look there’s also a smoky wash.  You’re gonna love it as much as I do, come in and check it out, it’s time to sweeten up your furniture.  Lighten things up Inside before the dark, dreary fall weather hits us.  Ick.  Then  it’s all down hill from there, winter.  Gray skies, white snow then dirty snow.  Oh gosh, I’m depressing myself. . . . . I better get back to painting with the sweet new colors.