Under Construction


Tomorrow we’ll be deconstructing our website to make it new and improved….our goal is to set it up so items can be purchased online right from our site.  I’ll be working on it with the ever amazingly awesome April (aka The Sassy Trashinista or The Appalachian Gypsy)  tomorrow….I’m not sure, but I hope I mentioned to her that I’m pretty much illiterate when it comes to this computer stuff….but I sure can pick out a kick ass pair of shoes!  May the force be with HER. 

Have a great rest of your week…and as always, the shop is open 11-5 Wednesday, Thursday and  Friday, 11-4 Saturday.


Open Today & All Wednesdays*


Regardless of what our hours show on the blog, we’re now open Wednesdays; every Wednesday as a matter of fact*. *Unless of course it’s Christmas or the 4th of July…which just happens to be the day before my birthday. Why else do you think they have all those fireworks on the 4th? That’s right, because everyone is celebrating MY birthday. Well at least that’s what I thought until I was about 5 or 6, then reality set it. It was right up there with Santa and the Easter Bunny.

Back to the reason for my post. Open Wednesdays. Yes, we are, really. True story. You should stop by; this week we have boots, winter hats and gloves 40% off…still some sweet goods available. Heck, buy for next Christmas, then pretend fictitious Santa brought them…..he gets all the credit.

I promise to change the hours posted on the blog as soon as possible but right now I’m doing something pretty darn fun. I’m sitting at the car dealership getting my oil changed and my car washed while typing this on my handy dandy iPad. Hence the reason I can’t change the hours right now…..for some reason my blog is not cooperating with my iPad. Dang technology.

Last Chance


Today is your last chance for 40% off* storewide…..40% even off markdowns.  We’ll be open 10-3 for your shopping pleasure; no need to put on mascara and lipstick….no judging here.  * Sale excludes The Sassy Trashinista, Tres Chic, Coobie bras, new spring clothing and furniture.


I have great news! We’ve changed plans and will now be open Wednesday’s (I’m allowed, I’m the boss AND a very indecisive woman) this winter.  The only time we’ll be closed on our regular days is if schools are closed, but we’ll post that online as well.  More good news…..the 40% off sale has been extended through Saturday since out Ohio weather was so bitter last week….stop by for details.  Have a wonderful week everyone…stay warm and be safe.


Last day for 40% off storewide*! Show Mother Nature who’s boss, don’t let her keep you inside….if you do you’re missing a great sale plus you’ll probably eat cookies and drink hot cocoa which =’s gain weight. The best deal of the day?  Our $149 leather booties are now under $90….seriously? How can you pass that up? Open 11-3 and you’re even welcome to come in your warm jammies if you want. We won’t judge.       (* sale excludes The Sassy Trashinista and Tre Chic jewelry, Coobie bras and furniture)


For three days…..count em, 3 days…..we’re offering 40% off most items* in the shop. This sale includes regular priced items as well as marked down items. Sale will end Saturday, January 7th at close. In exchange for helping us clear out the shop to make room for new spring goods….you’ll save mucho dinero. Win win.

(* Sassy Trashinista, Tres Chic, all furniture and Coobie Bras excluded from sale.)

Merry Christmas to you!


imageMerry Christmas from our home to yours with hopes of a very happy and healthy 2017 to our growing Alter’d Relics family.  Of course I can’t post this without a little story….you know how I am with my rambling posts. So as you all know, I love the soft color of what I would imagine mint would look like as whipped cream….fluffy and light. Pastels make me smile. But….they (not quite sure who ‘they’ are) say you should always have a bit of red in a room. As you probably know, I am not traditional in my decorating style and I never use red or green in my Christmas decor….with one exception.  My red Santa light that I have had since the second grade. My Grandpa Buchtel had this Santa light in his school decades ago….more than 5 decades ago at least.  I loved my Grandpa Buchtel to the moon and back….he wrote me letters (that I still have) when we lived out of town and he always put in a treat;  be it Juicy Fruit gum or a rubber wormy worm as he called it for fishing.  He hugged me and kissed me and called me Pamalama….I have wonderful memories of him and my only wish is that he would have lived a whole lot longer.  So there’s my little bit of red in my room and this cherished bit of red brings me joy and the great memories bring me happiness; like the happy memories I hope you all have this Christmas Day. xox Pamalama