Last day for 40% off storewide*! Show Mother Nature who’s boss, don’t let her keep you inside….if you do you’re missing a great sale plus you’ll probably eat cookies and drink hot cocoa which =’s gain weight. The best deal of the day?  Our $149 leather booties are now under $90….seriously? How can you pass that up? Open 11-3 and you’re even welcome to come in your warm jammies if you want. We won’t judge.       (* sale excludes The Sassy Trashinista and Tre Chic jewelry, Coobie bras and furniture)



For three days…..count em, 3 days…..we’re offering 40% off most items* in the shop. This sale includes regular priced items as well as marked down items. Sale will end Saturday, January 7th at close. In exchange for helping us clear out the shop to make room for new spring goods….you’ll save mucho dinero. Win win.

(* Sassy Trashinista, Tres Chic, all furniture and Coobie Bras excluded from sale.)

Merry Christmas to you!


imageMerry Christmas from our home to yours with hopes of a very happy and healthy 2017 to our growing Alter’d Relics family.  Of course I can’t post this without a little story….you know how I am with my rambling posts. So as you all know, I love the soft color of what I would imagine mint would look like as whipped cream….fluffy and light. Pastels make me smile. But….they (not quite sure who ‘they’ are) say you should always have a bit of red in a room. As you probably know, I am not traditional in my decorating style and I never use red or green in my Christmas decor….with one exception.  My red Santa light that I have had since the second grade. My Grandpa Buchtel had this Santa light in his school decades ago….more than 5 decades ago at least.  I loved my Grandpa Buchtel to the moon and back….he wrote me letters (that I still have) when we lived out of town and he always put in a treat;  be it Juicy Fruit gum or a rubber wormy worm as he called it for fishing.  He hugged me and kissed me and called me Pamalama….I have wonderful memories of him and my only wish is that he would have lived a whole lot longer.  So there’s my little bit of red in my room and this cherished bit of red brings me joy and the great memories bring me happiness; like the happy memories I hope you all have this Christmas Day. xox Pamalama

Sharing is caring.


Just a friendly reminder that our food drive continues through December 17th. Sad as it is, there truly are kids that go hungry when school is out; there are no free breakfasts or lunches when they’re home on break. Sometimes their cupboards are bare and the thought of them waking up to no breakfast or going to bed with no dinner is unimaginable. Please help us to fill our little grocery cart for them and when doing so, you’ll not only feel good, but we’ll reward you as well.  With one food item (unexpired items only please) you’ll receive 10% off your purchase*, with 3 items you’ll receive 10% off your purchase* plus an entry in our drawing for a free purse with matching zippered pouch. it’s a win win! (* Sassy Trashinista and Tres Chic jewelry excluded from promo.) We’ll be open this week and next Wed-Fri 11-5 and Sat & Sun 11-4. Please stop by and help us make our food drive a huge success! Sharing is caring and we thank you in advance for your generosity.   xoxo

Thank you for an amazing and exhausting weekend!


A huge thank you to our customers for your support Friday and Saturday, it was both exhilarating and exhausting. (I’m actually curled up on the sofa with a cup of hot cocoa as I write this) I can’t even tell you how good it feels that people like the shop and that our customers actually shopped our small business on Black Friday. Take that malls and big box stores! Thank you too, to my girls; Angela, Arica, Autumn and Cheryl, I couldn’t have pulled it off without you. You gals are a Godsend.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Barbie and I would like to wish our Alter’d Relics family a very happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your family and friends today….make some great memories.

The shop will be open tomorrow (Black Friday) from 11ish to 5ish….possibly later if I’m still pricing and putting out new goods. We’ll also be open Saturday 11ish to 9ish….stop by, then check out the Christmas Market on Tusc across the street from my shop. The market will be open 5 – 9 during the Christmas Walk.

Craigslist is my spirit animal


Craig and his amazing list. Since I’ve been working on the Christmas windows, I convinced myself that I need another vintage dress form….because three just isn’t enough. Woke up early this morning, made some hot cocoa, picked up my trusty iPad and couldn’t quite stay away from Craig and that damn list of his.  I entered ‘vintage dress form’ and POOF! There it was right in front of my blue eyes, like magic! The best part? It was in Cuyahoga Falls, not quite on my way to the grocery store (since I live in Green) but if I go there first then make a huge circle, it is technically on my way to the grocery store. Sent an email, made an offer and she’s mine.  Now I have a lovely trio of beautiful old cage skirted dress forms.  I think an intervention may be in order. A Craigslist intervention.  Nah…..not right now, I need to look for vintage dressing tables, maybe later. I am a procrastinator after all. Intervention postponed.