Paint Couture! the Collection


We proudly stock Paint Couture! is a self priming, decor, furniture and cabinet paint available in 52 colors. Paint Couture! has great adhesion capability to existing painted or varnished surfaces; usually no sanding or priming needed. (Exceptions may exist.) Paint Couture! applies easily with little to no brush marks. – Lacquer Couture! is a water-based topcoat which gives your items a hard, durable finish with the look and feel of smooth varnished or lacquered finishes; little to no odor. – Glaze Couture! is great for a beautiful, professional looking finish. It’s very easy to use, brush on and wipe off! Formulated to work not only over Paint Couture! but also over all chalk or milk paints. Provides a metallic or antique-looking finish that is extremely durable. Unlike waxing, Glaze Couture! is easier to apply and unlike wax, it does not require periodic re-application. We also have an array of other fun products; Couture Crackle!, Embossing Medium, Couture Crust! and beautiful gilding waxes to add a bit of ‘jazz’ to your work. Give it a try, we promise you’ll thank us for it. Classes starting soon, please follow blog for updates.


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