Thank you for sharing ladies~ we appreciate you!

We received some photos from our sweet customers – thank you for your patronage! Please share pictures of your darling pieces with us…we would love to see them. Angela sporting a local handmade knit scarf~ Allie wearing her darling bracelet made by a local artist~   And Sandy’s adorable necklace; made locally. Advertisements

Anger management technique.

So we started off with the intention of just keeping it simple & painting over the aqua wall with its unique patchwork stenciling. And then… Adam peeked behind a lose board & thought it was a cool distressed plaster wall. And that it was… covered in a thin brown paper that had been slapped up on top of 3 layers of wallpaper. Oh my! After all that scraping we found another aqua wall & thought well this is our distressed look. Done. Not so fast… we decided to see if we could expose the brick. And there we were with our sledgehammers in hand taking out some aggression, we pounded on the plaster for hours & created quite a mess. Take a look see at the finished product!

photo 3[2]

photo 2[10]

photo 3[10]


photo 1[1]


photo 2[2]

Hmm.. I am realizing these photos show more of my skills as a photographer then an actual worker?!?!