About Us.

Hello! My name is Arica, and I’m going to apologize ahead of time for my story being a sad one, but this my journey. I am now in the process of repurposing my life after a life changing incident. My husband and I we were expecting our first baby September 2013 and we couldn’t have been happier. On August 5th a few days shy of 34 weeks I went into labor; we arrived at the hospital only to have our dreams shattered with the news that our baby had no heartbeat. It felt like a terrible dream. A few hours later I delivered our baby boy and we named him Tobin Shane. He was so tiny and so perfect. We held and kissed him, memorized his sweet little features, told him that we looked forward to his arrival with joyful anticipation. And then with our hearts broken we said our goodbyes and told Tobin that we would look forward to holding him again in heaven.

Months later when I was able to sit in the nursery; I thought of all the work we put into making a perfect little place for our baby.  So with the help of my mom and a few tag sales along the way we did these things. The vintage pieces we found were such good quality they just needed a little TLC; my mom helped us refinish them and they are stunning.

At this point I knew I needed something to focus my attention on; a therapeutic outlet. I discussed my thoughts with my mom and she had the same feelings so we decided to put our creative energy to good use! Things seemed to fall into place when we happened upon the perfect space for our studio and workshop… but it needs lots of love!

Please share our blog with your friends and family!  Your thoughts and feedback will continue to give us motivation along the way. Our dreams are to take cast-off, out-of-date furniture and give it a stylish and fresh new life, making it beautiful once more. My momma is quite talented, she can help give a new perspective and show potential in things you might have passed by at a resale shop, thrift store, or tag sale.

We will post pictures & updates along the way…..thank you for your support!  Arica

Tobin_11 (2)[2] Tobin Shane Neill.


Hello there, I’m Arica’s momma, Pamela aka Pammaw to my  beautiful/handsome/creative/amazing and intelligent grand babes.  I have 4 equally beautiful/handsome/creative/amazing and intelligent babes as well.  My oldest is Angela, the one that swore she would have been the perfect “only child”; is an amazing High School Special Ed teacher and an amazing momma of 3 wonderful kiddos, Hey, what happened to payback? then there’s Arica (see above) mom to angel babies Tobin and Stella and our miracle baby Harrison; Austin, my oldest son is a journeyman sprinkler fitter/bike builder extraordinaire (see Austin Martin Originals) and father of 3 blond active girls and finally my baby Adam and father of 3 sweetie pies; the 6’4″ amazingly talented tattoo artist that always said “I’m not a baby” after I would introduce him as “my baby”.  I have been a widow for over two decades, my babes were 2, 4, 6 and 9 when their dad became ill; he passed away 7 years later and I was left to be momma and papa.

Now on a lighter note, let me tell you about my love of design….or re-design.

The summer before I was in 4th grade, I found the most beautiful tan leather suitcase in my neighbors trash.  I was elated!  How could someone cast this beauty to the curb I wondered?  I drug that baby home as quickly as I could to show my parents my find!  Sadly, they were not quite as impressed as I was, after all, the gold monograms weren’t even my initials.  I didn’t care, I loved her and I packed my goods in her when we moved back to Akron.  So it’s safe to say that I have literally been a “picker” before there ever was a term for stealing someones trash.  It made me appreciate the worth in old, quality items….they don’t make things like they used to and I feel it’s my duty to make tired goods loverly again; they deserve a second chance at life.

Oh and did I happen to mention my greatest, most wonderful catch of my life?  My guy Gary.  He’s a keeper that man, he puts up with me and all my  junk treasures; he once told me he was going to put me on the show “Hoarders”.  I told him I’m a “Nostalgic Hoarder”… sounds so much prettier; besides, he’s totally wrong, I’m not a “Hoarder”.  First step is denial.  That’s another reason this venture got started.  He sternly told me to find a place to store all my junk  treasures, “he would rent me the biggest storage unit we could find” he said.  I said “no thanks” and found my own storage unit…an empty storefront.  Seems it was meant to be, doesn’t it?  Arica needed a diversion and I needed to empty out our house.  So here we are.  Alter’d Relics.

Please follow along with us in our journey and when you have a moment, stop and see us.



20 thoughts on “About Us.

  1. Hi ladies!!!! I am so impressed and excited for your new venture!!! I can’t wait to come and visit. All the blessings in the world are sent your way for a successful business. XO

  2. Can’t wait for you to be open! Pamela you are so creative – I know everything you do will be spectacular! Erica – the story you shared breaks my heart. I am so happy you have found an outlet! You are an inspiration to many!
    Best of luck girls!!!!!

  3. Arica,
    I am go very sorry for the loss of your precious son, no words can ease your pain but know he is in the arms a an angel.


  4. Hey Arica:

    Loved the way you expressed yours and Adam’s story and losing your beautiful baby. I admire you so much! Even though we haven’t know each other long, I consider you a dear friend. I know your endeavor will be amazing!

    Good Luck!


  5. I am so glad that you are such an inspiration to so many. God bless you.what talent…must be in the genes. Barbara

  6. What a wonderful adventure for you to express yourself. This will do you and your family well. I am so excited too come see the store. Tobin will always be a part of your familys life♡

  7. Hello from Karen @MyBurbHome.com
    Thanks for finding and following my little baby blog. I think a lot of us turn to making things pretty as therapy. I can tell that you both have a wonderful eye for design. I will be following your journey.

  8. What a GREAT place!! I can’t wait to see it and meet your mom!! What a wonderful woman she sounds like! Which does not surprise me…..knowing you! This endeavor of yours is in my prayers for much success and fulfillment! Love ya, Robin

  9. What an inspiring and creative venture for both of you!! keep me in the loop with the open houses- would love to attend!

  10. Attended your Sunday splurge and felt that I found someone else who is just like me!!!! I can’t wait to try the Blue Mineral product and will keep you posted…….Have a GREAT 2014!!

  11. You two are amazing. I have been looking at your website and facebook for over TWO HOURS!!!
    So sorry about your baby Arica and your husband Pamela.
    YOU ARE IN OUR SUNDAY PAPER today (Sunday)…a nice BIG article and Picture.
    PAMELA where can I get that BEAUTIFUL LOOOOONG Sweater Vest you are wearing?????
    Please let me know….and If you would want…I would be happy to mail you this page of the Sunday Paper to keep? Myrna 🙂

    1. Hi Myrna, thank you for your kind words. I’m wondering where you are, or what newspaper you saw our story in today? I would love to know so I can check it out….if you want to save it that would be wonderful. Where are you located? If you would like. I can get you the brand name do the sweater vest….funny that you like it, I felt like it made my butt look big 🙂 Pamela

  12. Hello Arika and Pam- it’s the Chicago area customer who was in this past Saturday. Reading this About Us broke my heart in a good way, as I read how pain was responded to in a way that brought about deeper understanding, love, and character. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for being as a result of it, the open, interested in others ladies that you are! Your store is stunningly wonderful. And Pam, I love the bra! 😏 And Arika- praying that your heart continues to heal, as you live your life with purpose. Well done ladies!

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