Merry Christmas to you!


imageMerry Christmas from our home to yours with hopes of a very happy and healthy 2017 to our growing Alter’d Relics family.  Of course I can’t post this without a little story….you know how I am with my rambling posts. So as you all know, I love the soft color of what I would imagine mint would look like as whipped cream….fluffy and light. Pastels make me smile. But….they (not quite sure who ‘they’ are) say you should always have a bit of red in a room. As you probably know, I am not traditional in my decorating style and I never use red or green in my Christmas decor….with one exception.  My red Santa light that I have had since the second grade. My Grandpa Buchtel had this Santa light in his school decades ago….more than 5 decades ago at least.  I loved my Grandpa Buchtel to the moon and back….he wrote me letters (that I still have) when we lived out of town and he always put in a treat;  be it Juicy Fruit gum or a rubber wormy worm as he called it for fishing.  He hugged me and kissed me and called me Pamalama….I have wonderful memories of him and my only wish is that he would have lived a whole lot longer.  So there’s my little bit of red in my room and this cherished bit of red brings me joy and the great memories bring me happiness; like the happy memories I hope you all have this Christmas Day. xox Pamalama


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