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Just a friendly reminder that our food drive continues through December 17th. Sad as it is, there truly are kids that go hungry when school is out; there are no free breakfasts or lunches when they’re home on break. Sometimes their cupboards are bare and the thought of them waking up to no breakfast or going to bed with no dinner is unimaginable. Please help us to fill our little grocery cart for them and when doing so, you’ll not only feel good, but we’ll reward you as well.  With one food item (unexpired items only please) you’ll receive 10% off your purchase*, with 3 items you’ll receive 10% off your purchase* plus an entry in our drawing for a free purse with matching zippered pouch. it’s a win win! (* Sassy Trashinista and Tres Chic jewelry excluded from promo.) We’ll be open this week and next Wed-Fri 11-5 and Sat & Sun 11-4. Please stop by and help us make our food drive a huge success! Sharing is caring and we thank you in advance for your generosity.   xoxo


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