Craigslist is my spirit animal


Craig and his amazing list. Since I’ve been working on the Christmas windows, I convinced myself that I need another vintage dress form….because three just isn’t enough. Woke up early this morning, made some hot cocoa, picked up my trusty iPad and couldn’t quite stay away from Craig and that damn list of his.  I entered ‘vintage dress form’ and POOF! There it was right in front of my blue eyes, like magic! The best part? It was in Cuyahoga Falls, not quite on my way to the grocery store (since I live in Green) but if I go there first then make a huge circle, it is technically on my way to the grocery store. Sent an email, made an offer and she’s mine.  Now I have a lovely trio of beautiful old cage skirted dress forms.  I think an intervention may be in order. A Craigslist intervention.  Nah…..not right now, I need to look for vintage dressing tables, maybe later. I am a procrastinator after all. Intervention postponed.


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