Groundhog Day


A day in the life of a shop owner.  Woke at 5:30, (now that I’m 60, apparently I can’t sleep in)  washed my kitchen and bathroom floors, made some coffee and did three loads of laundry.  Okay, now it’s finally 7:00 and I’m waiting for the darn home improvement store to open so I can go buy more 5-1/4″ x 6′ cedar pickets.  Pretty sad huh?  So I get my pickets, head to the shop to paint, stain, sand….blah blah blah and I realize that a sweet young lady is coming this evening to pick up a vanity that isn’t quite finished.  The vanity still needs distressed and the upholstered seat still needs attached to the stool….and I have a haircut scheduled for 2:00.  So.  Unload pickets, distress vanity and put on finish coat.  Screw on upholstered seat and head out for haircut.  Mind you, I still have 30 (thirty) pieces of cedar to stain that will be put up later today.  I get my haircut and head back to shop only to receive a text that I left not only my earrings, but my glasses at the salon. Get off expressway at Barber Road, turn around and head back to Norton.  Oh sure, I really have time for this! So apparently not only am I not able to sleep in; I not longer have a memory. I finally get back to the shop, stain the remaining boards and 3 hours later my two knights in shining armor show up. Thank you baby Jesus.  Jim and Gary cut and  put up all the boards on the front of the shop along with the frames for my new signs.  Did I mention all while the sun was beating down on us?  Such troopers they were.  Granted, they made fun of me because I’m anal and had a map of all the strips and colors and the specific way I wanted them arranged…and I wanted the screws in straight lines…and I wanted the sign frame to be level….I’m shocked they didn’t tell me to do it myself.  Honestly, the two of them couldn’t tell the difference between the gray boards and the cream boards…really?  Now the reason for the ‘Groundhog Day’ title.  When we were finally all finished; tools loaded up, scaffold taken down, sidewalk swept, hands washed….back to Casa del Ranchera for two more margaritas and dinner just like last night.  Oh and for all of you that think owning a shop is your dream?  My sales tax is due this week. I need another margarita.


6 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

      1. I will have to think about that Pam! I do want to come and visit you at the store to see all the new goodies you have and to see your new store front. ((HUGS))

  1. Your shop succeeds because of your love and hard work. There aren’t a lot of people who would throw their heart and soul into their business the way you do. Kudos.

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