My Heart Is So Thankful


I ain’t gonna lie.  I turned 60 less than two weeks ago (two weeks ago tomorrow to be exact) and this old age shit is already kicking my ass!  Last Tuesday I went in front of the Barberton Design Review Board to pitch my new storefront and signage; after an hour and a half (one of them couldn’t see my vision) I walked out with approval on both.  Since then, I shit you not,  I’ve been loading and unloading (3 times as a matter of fact) 80 cedar boards, cutting, staining, painting, sanding and re-staining each said cedar board and then going up 16 feet with my honey Gary to hang them. I’m SO hoping my beautiful new signs (they’re so pretty)  will be ready and hung before Friday for the Pop-up Market, if not, at least my storefront looks refreshed and the signs will be hung at a later date.  Speaking of the Pop-up Market, we now have 25. . . . . count ’em twenty five vendors setting up!!!  Thank you to all that have faith in us and are coming out to set up for our first 4th and Tusc Market; I’m pretty excited about the different  artisans and shop owners coming out, I can’t wait until Friday. . . . if I make it until then.  My sincerest apologies to all the vendors that I haven’t showcased . . . . especially my in-house artisans, Yvonne of Tattered and Torn with all her amazing painted and hand made gypsy goodness, April aka Sassy Trashinista with her wonderful one-of-a-kind-sassy-ass jewelry designs and Kim from Fabric Bonbons that makes the sweetest, feminine jewelry from ballet slippers (think soft, buttery leather) and beautiful sari silk. Swoon.  All this has happened so fast, I promise if you come down Friday night between 5:00 and 9:00 you won’t be sorry, we’ll have it all.  Goodies for your tummy, goodies for your home and goodies for yourself and also think Christmas in July . . .all that AND sweet music all over Tusc.  It’s going to be a beautiful summer night, come out and show our vendors some Barberton love!


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