Sweet, sweet gifts.


So of course I have another sweet story for you.  On Friday a sweet young man came into the shop at lunch time….in his work clothes with dust and all on him from his reddish colored hair to his work boots.  He obviously was a worker this guy, turns out he’s a brick mason…hence the reason for the dust.  Turns out his wife’s birthday was the next day and he had come in for the PERFECT gift.  (Prepare yourself, if you can’t bear to read sweet stories, do not read on. I guarantee you’ll be both smiling and envious if you do.)

A couple weeks ago the above mentioned fellow and his wife were dining at Uncle Sonny’s on the corner across the street from us, when they finished eating they came over and did a wee bit of window shopping.  She mentioned that she adored the white dressing table in the window. (See above photo) I believe you can see the light bulb coming on right about now in his cute ginger head.  Yep.  He plotted and planned, even made room in their bedroom for it Friday morning after his wife left for work.  He went on with his morning as planned, going to work on a job in Medina.  Lunch time came, he left the job and drove to Barberton to buy the vanity, took it home and put it in the bedroom for his wife to be totally surprised, then went back to work.  Yep, this guy had to get lucky Friday night!  

Okay, in closing, and as if that’s not enough,  I’m going to make you even more envious.  He told me his wife’s favorite candy is green Jolly Ranchers.  This sweetie pie went online and ordered her a big bag of green ONLY Jolly Ranchers and was going to put it in one of the vanity drawers.  Yep.  That man HAD to get lucky!  Not to mention how lucky his little lady is to have found such a thoughtful fellow.

Happy birthday lucky lady and many, many more years of happiness and surprises to both of you!



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