So this cute guy walks into the shop…..


we’ll call him Charles.  That’s because his name is Charles.  Charles Kappus to be exact.  He said when he was 15 years old; 70 years ago (you do the math) he was responsible for cleaning those 17 foot mirrors that are in our shop.  One of our three tall mirrors is behind him.  He said that he had to get on top of a tall ladder to do it, no extension squeegees back then.  He also told me that when he worked at Weiss’, there was a Mr. Weiss and a Mrs. Weiss and they weren’t related.  Hmmmm, seems unlikely but I guess in the old country Weiss is like Smith or Jones. Mr. Kappus grew up on the north end of Barberton, went into the Army and then Navy. . . or vice versa, his son Chuck wasn’t too sure. Seriously?  Who the heck wants to endure two boot camps, not one, but two. . . . that’s just craziness!  So Mr. Kappus and his wife had two children; Linda and Chuck.  I have a cousin named Chuck and I remember when all of us little cousins would get together we loved singing “The Name Game” song.  You know the one….Chuck, Chuck bow buck banana fanna foe . . . yup. . . you know the next word.  It’s a bad one but as a kid it felt good to be bad for that moment, then we would all start giggling and go on to the next cousin. Karen, Karen, bow barren. . . . there were 5 cousins in that family alone so there was lots of singing going on.  Sorry Mr. Kappus, I got a little sidetracked there for a moment.  So, Mr. Kappus, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy 85 year-old day to visit.  I absolutely love hearing stories about the “old” Barberton, I wish downtown was as busy now as it was back then.  We’re trying to bring Barberton back. One little shop at a time.


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