Now trending: Pop of Color.

Do you see a trend? We don’t mean to brag but we just love Yvonne’s work combined with these RePurpose Chroma Color paint options!

These tables turned out beautifully with such detail to each hand painted peacock feather. They are simply ‘works of art’ and a must see!


We believe every home needs pops of color! This sweet round table would be perfect as a bedside table or next to your sofa. The rectangle table is a perfect size for a sofa table and could double as a server for drinks and appetizers during a get together. Both are great conversation pieces. The possibilities are endless!  #coloryourlife #theoldfrenchdoors  #barbertonohio





One thought on “Now trending: Pop of Color.

  1. There’s my table, that I fell in love with! It is in its new space for the next month on the lake. 💚 It was so nice meeting you and your Mom, Arika! I loved your shop, and will be back before I head back to Cicago.

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