The Girls Are Gonna Thank You!


Coming soon to a fitting room near you….Alter’d Relics will be carrying the most amazing bra you’ve ever bought. . . . you’re welcome!  Seriously, these bras are comfortable, supportive, sassy and inexpensive. . . . who could ask for more?  Runners, yoga lovers and even couch potatoes will all love these bras; you’ll want one in every color. They’re also great for mastectomy patients, the pocket is perfect for prosthesis plus they’re very soft, non-irritating and don’t ride up.  I can vouch for them being non-irritating, I wore them with a serious sunburn and had no discomfort.  But now I’m peeling so that looks really pretty on my black polka dot Coobie.   They’re highly addictive and come in two sizes; regular that fits 32A through 36D and full size that fit 38D up to 42D.  Seriously, they really do fit almost any body and anybody.  (Girls that is.)

Treat the girls to something special, they deserve to spend the rest of their lives in comfort!  (ETA next week)


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