Mini Anthropologie in Beauteous Barberton


We have a sweet customer that we’ll call Denise because her name really is Denise. that comes in on a regular basis.  I remember the first time she came in….she was pleasantly surprised and she told me that she thought she had found a “mini Anthropologie” (if you aren’t familiar with Anthropologie stores…google them, they’re amazing) in her town of Barberton.  She told me that she loved our window displays and she totally motivates me.  She tells me about things she sees either in the store or in their catalog and I “hack” them for her. . . totally copy their ideas for a fraction of the cost.  Now to get to the point of this post.  We have added something to the shop that Anthropologie carries: Clothes.  Fun ladies clothing to be exact.  So now we really are a “mini Anthropologie” but without the insane prices.  Stop in and see for yourself…these ballet skirts we have are darling and can be worn so many ways and have I mentioned that we LOVE clothes?  There is no better way to feed an addiction than to get your clothing wholesale.  We love these clothes and we think you will too.

P.S. Our ‘voluptuous ladies” clothing should be arriving next week….we have selected some sweet feminine clothing that you really need to check out.

Life’s too short to wear boring clothes!



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