New Journey Recovery Housing Open House


The Open House yesterday was very touching; Eva Hartwell is the founder of New Journey and she pours her heart and soul into this program.  The house looks incredible; Home Depot donated all the drywall….in fact, everything that was done to improve the house was donated.  Miss Eva must be very persuasive!  They even have new furniture compliments of Wayside Furniture and let me tell you, the house is so cozy and clean!  I was talking to one of the residents and she said that previously she had been in a different sobriety house and it was nasty….dirty carpet, old, dirty furniture and just plain depressing.  When you think about recovery, I would imagine your environment plays a very important part, I know I wouldn’t have much motivation if I had to live in less than desirable surroundings.  At this time there are two residents, Liz and Kaleenna and they love living there, they take pride and it shows.  A board member from The ADM board spoke yesterday and he said he has been sober for 30 years and still to this day he occasionally drives by the house in Lorain County that he recovered in.  He said that house is so important to him because that’s where he began living a new life.  After he said that, I realized what a truly wonderful thing my parents did by donating this house, they have been Instrumental in helping women get a new lease on life.  They will forever remember the little cozy home where they began their new lives.  My best wishes for a successful recovery for them and all the others to come.  I can’t close without mentioning their House Mom….Annie.  They ADORE her and you can just tell she adores them….it’s a perfect fit.

P.S.  That cute little lady in the pictures is my little mama.  I’m so proud!


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