Spring has Sprung!


Exciting news at the Hedgewood Cottage!  Spring has sprung in my back yard…or better yet…springs have sprung in my backyard.  (Just ignore the mound of frozen snow in the background and the snowmobiles zipping across the golf course.)  These old springs are from bus seats and now they’re sweet vases with stands.  My man with the very strongest of hands helped me unspring (my newest made up word) the springs and insert the bottles so they’re nice and tight and stand oh so proudly.  The stronghanded man said, “who wants rusty springs”?  I said “all our fabulous customers, that’s who”!  So come on ladies, come buy some springy vases and prove me right and him wrong….I’ll just have to be very delicate when I tell him I was right once again.  I wouldn’t want him to wrap those strongest of hands around my dainty, wrinkly neck.  Think positively, spring really is right around the corner. 


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