Glossy White Floors and Bloody Knees


Okay, so my title is a bit misleading…..I don’t really have bloody knees but I do have glossy white floors.  Yep….that quick ‘paint the floors’ idea that Gary had last Sunday still isn’t complete; I still have the hallway to do.  I have literally been on my hands and knees since last weekend and I’m not enjoying it one little bit.  I’m too old to be doing this, it’s really hard to stand back up without having something to pull myself up on, plus I get dizzy if I’m lucky enough to stand up too fast PLUS my knees hurt too badly to crawl on them to the stairs for a quick exit.  This little project still won’t be finished until next week.  We’re putting the bed back in on Sunday, but of course now I’ve decided to paint the dressers so they’ll look nice and fresh instead of old and tired like me.  That’s going to take at least a week since I’m still uncertain as to how I want to paint them; I am truly the worst at making decisions!  Since I’m pretty sure you’ve been waiting with bated breath to see the glossy white floors….I have included a few pictures.  I probably don’t have to point this out,  but two of the pix aren’t of the floor, they’re of the new lights we installed; I just couldn’t bear  to have these pretty ladies go unnoticed.  You may also notice that since adding area rugs, you only notice a border of glossy white floors.  Well…that’s a whole other story.  I spent half my day Monday caulking all the separations between the boards to ensure that the floor would look just beauteous when finished.  When Gary came home from work, he said “you’re wasting your time. Only caulk and paint where the rug won’t be”.  SERIOUSLY? That would be the difference between a man and a woman; the difference between an amateur painter and a professional painter; the difference between a man with a mans brain and a woman with a teeny tiny bit of OCD in her sweet brain.  How the hell would I sleep at night knowing that the floor under our rug wasn’t as equally pretty as the floor that borders the rug?  Not only that, but once this rug wears out, I would have to replace with a rug the exact size or I would be sanding and painting all over again.  No way Jose!  As it is, I’m seriously thinking of making Gary leap into bed so that he doesn’t walk on my beautiful rug and wear it out. Yep.  That will happen just as soon as I train him to put the toilet seat down or to outen the light when he leaves a room.  Never gonna happen.


3 thoughts on “Glossy White Floors and Bloody Knees

  1. Gary I thought the same thing..only edges painted..but must admit you are doing a fantastic job Pam…love to see all your work, but enjoy the humor that goes along with it..miss ya

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