Bernadette ~ the Black and Tan Buffet


Who doesn’t love a custom order when the person says “feel free to do whatever your little heart desires”. Seriously??? I had free reign and I loved it, my mind immediately started working overtime thinking of ways to re-vamp Miss Bernadette. Pat’s only request was that I paint her black and tan.

I used Paint Couture! Baltic Black for the body and French Putty for the drawers and doors, next I applied matte Lacquer Couture! and after that dried, I got to play with the beautiful Zinc glaze for the first time. What a nice finishing touch, it added a soft shimmer and a nice hard finish.

Now let me tell you about my favoritist, (new word) funnest, (another new word) sassiest part of Bernadette’s new apparel. Silk alligator wallpaper. Yep. You read it right, silk alligator wallpaper. It was quite obvious that the top of the buffet had seen better days; I think the 93 year-old lady that owned it must have had plants sitting on top; I also think she must have had bad aim with her little watering can, many decades of old water spots and rings to deal with. That’s the reason Bernie is now wearing silk….it’s nice thick wallpaper; perfect for covering imperfections and perfect for making her beautifully, perfectly imperfect. Not only did I put the paper on the top, I also added it to both end panels to tie the piece all together. Love it! I love it so much that tomorrow I’m starting another buffet with the alligator except I think this baby is going to be a cream color. Stop by and see if I accomplished my mission.

A huge ‘thank you’ goes out to Pat Santos for allowing me to use my creative vision on Bernie, it was so fun to do what I wanted on a custom piece. It’s for certain a one-of-a-kind piece, one that’s going to look spectacular all dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy Pat!


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