The Tale of Two Margarets (Part 2)


Finally, I’m able to finish my story about the two Margaret’s in my life.  Today’s story won’t be as interesting, fun or as pretty as the other Margaret….Margaret, Part 1….but they do have a couple of things in common.  They both wear yellow and they both wear polka dots and they wear their yellow with polka dots very well.

Today’s Margaret is a cute little sofa and chair set that needed a little jazzing up.  When I first saw it, of course I was drawn to the polka dots…who doesn’t think polka dots are happy?  I pictured this set painted a fun color and some sweet young lady wanting it for her dorm, unfortunately my dreams were dashed when my wise daughter informed me that dorms don’t usually have room for a sofa and chair.  (Guess that just shows how little I know about dorms … wait     just      a      minute … how does SHE know the size of a dorm?  She never lived in a dorm…..don’t tell me, I don’t really want to know, in my eyes she’s practically perfect in every way and would never party before the age of 21.)

Back to Margaret, Part 2.  When I realized she wouldn’t work for a dorm I gave up thinking about her….or I thought I had until I went back to where she was for sale and she was still there. Still there and just waiting for me to take her home and give her a makeover.   I looked at her again and her ugly sad brown body…..what color would compliment her polka dot cushions and where could she actually be used?  Not too many men I know would allow their wives to have this in their living room….so how about a young lady’s first apartment?  It’s affordable, so that’s a possibility and it’s better than IKEA furniture so that’s a plus.  Or…someone even suggested that she would be perfect in a salon.  SWEET!  I can so see this in a sassy salon.

Now for the color.  Oh bother.  I of course immediately wanted to paint it a shade of aqua and was told “no, you want to paint everything aqua….use another color”.  How about white?  Nope, white is too expected.  Red?  Nope, too bull fighterish.  Orange?  Nope, too Halloweenish.  Green?  No, too Green Giant and Little Sproutish.  Shoot, I’m running out of suggestions.  Yellow?  Hmmm…yellow?  Well, that seems a bit Margaret-like.  Perfect! If it’s good enough for Margaret, Part 1 to wear, it’s good enough for Margaret, Part 2 to wear.  Yellow it is….now to find just the right yellow.  Oh my gosh, can anyone spell “O.C.D.”?  Many, many, many coats of yellow paint and many, many, many hours later…Margaret, Part 2 was ready for her unveiling…..she has finally made it front and center and into the window at Alter’d Relics.  (Huge thanks to my humble window dresser assistants Yvonne and Cheryl; neither of whom I can picture wearing yellow with polka dots.)

The ending of my story is quite sad; Margaret, Part 1 will be moving to Florida in less than 4 weeks…I’ll miss her so….as will any Ohioan that has had the pleasure to know her.  I can’t help but wonder how long Margaret, Part 2 will be in my life?  Will she be gone before Margaret, Part 1 or will Margaret, Part 1 decide she has to take Margaret, Part 2 with her to the Sunshine State?   She is moving after all…maybe she’ll need a sweet polka dot set for her photography studio or maybe she’ll have a sun room that needs a sunny looking little duo.   Whatever happens in the end, I sincerely hope both of the Margaret’s in my life find very nice abodes to call home and I also hope they live happily ever after.  They both deserve it.


2 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Margarets (Part 2)

  1. I love it, I love to write also. Your stories are wonderful. I saw the Margaret’s in the window too and they just screamed salon! I could hear a sun porch, a young woman’s girl cave with a bookcase and the black dresser in the window that how dare anyone buy but me, with a small vanity in the corner. Sorry to hear they got separated but I am sure someone will happily take in the other Margaret.

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