The Tale of Two Margarets (Part 1)

I now have two Margarets in my life.  (We’re not counting my aunts because for some unknown reason; they go by ‘Peggy’.  How you get that nickname out of Margaret I’ll never know.  I know, I know,  there’s an ‘e’ and a ‘g’ in both names, but it still doesn’t make sense.)  So again, I have two Margarets in my life and these two do not go by nicknames,  they’re Margarets.  Both are quite lovely.  Both look darling in polka dots and both adore the color yellow.  Now remember; when you read Part 2 of this tale, that I did mention they love both yellow AND polka dots and both wear them well.  Also let me mention that the Margaret in today’s story knitted her soon-to-be-husband yellow polka dot socks to wear on their wedding day which just happened to match her yellow Converse Hi-tops she wore under her gown on that beautiful day 5 years ago.  They were not lucky socks or hi-tops sad to say, but both cuter than hell! 

I digress.

Today’s featured Margaret is the lovely youngish lady in the photos.  She’s been my friend for over a decade and a half and is like a daughter to me.  She’s AMAZE BALLS and I mean AMAZE BALLS!  (BTW, I have never before said ‘amaze balls’) This Margaret can do anything she sets out to do…, knit, sew, photograph, cook, eat, train a dog, etc., etc…now let me tell you a little more about this yellow and polka dot loving little friend of mine.  She’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and from her photos, you can see that that’s saying something!  She has a ton of friends all over the world, so she’s obviously doing something right!   Her personality is so wonderful, not to mention, she’s as creative, fun-loving and talented as all get out.  She’s Polish, did I forget to mention that?  Not ‘polished”, POLISH.  (Although she does clean up very well.)  She first stepped onto American soil when she was 12 years old.  She thought she was going on a fun little vacation with her father….seems as though he had another plan for them.  He took her to New Jersey (Really? Of all our beautiful states, Jersey?)  and he never planned to take her back to Poland.  Basically, she was an abducted, curly top Polish girl that didn’t speak a word of English; now what was she to do?  Well, she started watching American television and she taught herself to speak English.  (Shoot, I only know one other foreign language phrase: dos cerveza por favor.)  So that’s where her amazingness begins….and her desire to learn and persevere.  She has taught herself so much and she makes me so proud, even though I had nothing to do with her amazingness, I still feel like a  proud  momma.  Not too long ago this Margaret quit her day job…now mind you, this chica (heck, there’s another Spanish word I forgot about) supports herself, her dog Marlin and her huge cat Cooper.  She pursued her dream of photography and is kicking ass!  She puts her heart and soul into her work and it surely tells…if you don’t believe me, check out her blog at  and you can see for yourself just how amazing this beautiful Margaret is.  Margaret is living her dream and I am so, so very happy for her.

Three last things:

  1. She has the most stunning blue eyes….trust me on this. 
  2. She looks marvelous dressed as a mermaid….trust me on this too.
  3. She’s leaving me in 2 months and moving to Florida.  My heart is aching….trust me on this as well.

I’ll miss you my little friend, but I know you hate the snow and must go….damn, I hate the snow too, can I come?  Who better than me to teach you the language of the Senior Citizens??



PhotoGrid_1410903291322 ‘Tale of Two Margarets” Part 2 to be continued.  Trust me, it’s not at all as good a story as this, but stay tuned, she’s pretty unique herself.


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