Pearl the Black Beauty

CLaudia Dresser

This beautiful black beauty was finished less than 2 hours when Claudia and Garth snatched her up.  I love a customer that knows exactly what they want and where they can use it.  Claudia and Garth are Arica’s next door neighbors and they came to our “Precious Parents” fundraiser yesterday to support her.  How sweet is that?  As a matter of fact, Arica had several neighbors and friends show up in her support.  I have to tell you, the ladies that belong to this sorority are an amazing, tight knit group of women; we had a great day and I’m proud to say that so far…without the final figures tallied, drum roll please….we think they may have tripled the amount they raised last year.  We’ll post more photos of the event later and we’ll also share the exciting final figure as well.  We’re going to be able to decorate an amazing kick ass tree this year…and I’m not too proud to ask…would any of our awesome followers still like to donate?  If so, please contact us at the shop or at    Thanks to everyone involved for a totally supercalifragilisticexpialidocious amazingly heartwarming event!  We love our family and our newest addition to our family; our customers.   Pam and Arica xox


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