One fun-loving, crazy couple!


Tim and Jeanette; what a fun and crazy couple. She’s a finder of good goods and he completes her. He had her at ‘hello’.

If we’re looking for something in particular for the shop, I let Jeanette know and she most likely finds it for me. She has one keen eye that ‘Crazy Lady’ friend of ours. Her hubby? What a guy….he, like me, loves old cars and trucks. Huge difference is I can only adore them, he owns them. He told me about a 1950 International 3/4 ton pick up truck he owned a few years ago, seems the lady he sold it to called him and is now ready to sell it.  I think I need to buy it.  How sweet would it be with ‘Alter’d Relics’ painted on the doors? I’m currently trying to persuade Gary this is a good idea, but so far he just thinks I’m a Crazy Lady and that I choose vehicles with my heart, not my brain.  He may have a valid point there agreed that we could  go look at it and drive it none the less. Maybe he’ll love it too and think it’s too damn sweet to pass up.  Besides, how could an orange truck not be perfect with my hair color?  Quick story:  Years ago when Angela was teaching her kids sign language, she ask Alec to spell the color of my hair; he spelled O R A N G E.  Perfect, I’ll match the truck.

I’m sorry my story got derailed and went from Timmy and Jeanette to me buying a sweet pick up truck, I get sidetracked and distracted very easily, my apologies. So, when I got to the shop Saturday, the fun and crazy couple were there waiting for me, waiting to haggle a bit. In a sweet way of course, that Timmy is very smooth….like butter. They were looking at the dresser and mirror that we turned into a bathroom vanity with a sink. They measured and re measured and decided it was 1-1/2″ too wide. My new friend Timmy explained to me that that’s 3/4 of an inch he would have to shave off each side. (He must not have known that I knew half of 1-1/2 was 3/4…..but I just went on letting him think he was smarter than me.  Customer Service rule #1: Never be smarter than the customer.) Anyway, due to the fact that our piece was 1-1/2″ wider than his dang walls, he decided that I needed to give him a bit of a price break. I gently tried to explain to him that it wasn’t my fault his dang walls were too wide, but he didn’t see it that way. He then went on to explain all the work he was going to have to do to get it to fit….sounded interesting , zzzzzzzzz, and a bit of work….but then again he loves to tinker, so this is right up his alley. So; I gave him my price, he came back with his price….I mulled it over for a split second and said “deal….it’s yours”!

So our beautiful antique vanity has found a happy new home. It was only in the shop a week, not even in the shop long enough for us to get tired of it. I’m happy though that it’s going home with Jeanette and Timmy and thank you…you fun and crazy couple for a fun visit, thanks for the laughs! Good luck shaving down your piece and thank you for the truck tip!  Remember Timmy….3/4″ per side, measure twice cut once.  No refunds when you shave off too much Mister.


One thought on “One fun-loving, crazy couple!

  1. I love old pick up trucks too, but will probably never have one unless I learn to drive a stick 😛 Such a lucky couple to get that beautiful vanity for their home!

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