Howdy ya’ll


We made it safely to North Carolina….of course I had a few issues before leaving which made me wonder if I should just stay home and cancel the trip. Was this going to be a bad trip? I always get nervous before going anywhere and if stupid things happen I really wonder if the trip will be jinxed. On my way home from Aubrey’s steel drum performance (my grandchildren are quite talented and lovely…..every darn one of them!) Thursday morning I stopped to get cash from the ATM…aka the money tree….only to realize when pulling up to the bank I had forgotten my purse. No cashola for me. Then as I’m driving home in the rain, all pissed off at myself for once again being stupid, the wipers made a funny noise and just quit working. QUIT WORKING! Have you ever been driving down the highway and your wipers took a shit? You can’t see diddly. So, I pulled over under the first bridge, got out and tried to make the wipers work. No go. Really? How much worse can it get? In two hours we’re supposed to be leaving for a 10 hour drive….in the rain….and we have no wipers. Swell. It’s a sign. I think it may be because in a previous post you may recall that I called Mother Nature an angry bitch. Hmmmm….guess it’s payback. Well, when Gary came home from work he checked the fuse. It was fine. He turned them on and the wiper motor was running but the wipers weren’t budging. Great. “It’s something mechanical” he said. I said, “well Mr. Fix-it, how bout you fix it and we’ll leave later or in the morning”? He fixed it alright; he put Rain-X on the windshield and said “let’s go”. Really? We’re leaving in the rain with no wipers? Sounds like a SUPER DUPER idea. I always love an adventure and I especially can’t wait to be driving in the mountains of West Virginny on those curvy, hilly roads with the sun setting, dark setting in, rain pouring down and not being able to see a thing as semis blow dirty water all over us….but you know what? That Damn Rain-X is amazing! We were able to see fine in the rain, on the highway, thru Ohio, thru West Virginny, thru Virginny and it finally stopped a few minutes after entering North Carolina. Yep. It was like Mother Nature said “that’ll teach her to call ME a bitch”. Nope….I still think she’s a bitch and I think she needs to be medicated. Perhaps we start with Zoloft with a chaser of Xanax. I am not getting paid a promotional fee, but I so think every home should have a bottle of Rain-X. I adore it. It’s a life saver.

Now for the fun part. When we woke up this morning, Gary’s brother Rob started talking about junk shops in the area. I thought he was just making this up cuz he’s quite the joker….get me all worked up then let me down. He loves doing that. But he was serious, serious as a heart attack. Cuz he then said, “you guys get ready and we’ll go junkin'”. Oh my gosh, I had to get ready fast before he changed his I mind. No time for a shower, this is way too important! We had a great day…I got to ride Sandy the mechanical pony, found a great little bar with the best chicken salad I have ever consumed then went on to a couple junk places along the road. Shops that had dirt floors, roosters walking around and little wild pigs. The lady in one had a few pretty teeth and the strongest southern drawl I’ve ever heard, I’m thinkin she’s a local and I was so hoping for Gary and Rob’s sake we wouldn’t hear dueling banjos any time soon!

Good night everyone….I’ll keep you apprise of our southern adventures. More junkin tomorrow….I can hardly wait for the sun to come up!


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