We all have faults…..right?


One of my few faults is sharing. I don’t share my man and I don’t share my sweets….I don’t even share my sweets with my man….I know it’s not a very pretty trait, but at least I can admit it. Yep, the four little cookies are gone, eaten in one fell swoop, all that’s left as I look down into the little box are a few lavender, lime green, light yellow and orange sprinkles. Hmmmmm…..if I wet my finger, I could eat those too.

On a positive note, I took one for the team; I consumed the calories and saved Gary from them. See? I’m not such a bad person after all, I did him a favor….a favor he’ll never know about.

Shhhhhhhhhhh……I hope my secret is safe with y’all.

Heaven, I’m in Heaven.


I can’t tell you how touched I was when I opened the shop this morning and Tina was waiting for me, holding a sweet little box….literally, a box of sweets from West Point Market; all for me!  We have the most thoughtful customers; she lives in Copley and came all the way to the big city of Barberton to bring these sweets to me.

I tried to stay busy most of the day to keep my mind off what may be in my surprise box until just a few minutes ago, then I caved and opened it, Y U M M O!   When I first saw them I thought ‘I’m eating all of these pretty little cookies in one sitting’, but they fooled me. Not only are they small and darling, they are extremely rich and heavenly little morsels! So here’s my … scheme plan. I’ll take the five that are left home with me and after Gary falls asleep in his chair watching Bill O’Reilly, I’ll quietly ask him if he wants a cookie from West Point Market, of course when he doesn’t respond, not only because he’s asleep but because he’s pretty deaf  I’ll say ‘okay honey’, then go into the kitchen, pour myself an ice cold glass of milk, curl up in the solarium, turn on HGTV and dive into my sweet treats.

Heaven, I’m in Heaven….thank you sweet Tina!

UPDATE:  Best laid schemes plans.  Well, seems I left the shop last night without my goodies.  Not only did I not have any sweet treats last night after dinner, I forgot to hit “post” on the above little story yesterday afternoon.  So now the post is a day late….old news…. and my darling little cookies are a day older.  BUT….I still have four cookies waiting for me at the shop today.  Yes, four, not five as in the last photo. Before closing the box after it’s photo session yesterday, I had to eat one more due to the fact that the OCD in me wouldn’t let me leave an uneven number of treats.  So, as long as I remember to take my ‘to-go’ glass of ice cold milk this morning, this will be one sweet day.

Hope you all have a sweet day as well.  Happy Thursday!  Pam

The Tale of Two Margarets (Part 2)


Finally, I’m able to finish my story about the two Margaret’s in my life.  Today’s story won’t be as interesting, fun or as pretty as the other Margaret….Margaret, Part 1….but they do have a couple of things in common.  They both wear yellow and they both wear polka dots and they wear their yellow with polka dots very well.

Today’s Margaret is a cute little sofa and chair set that needed a little jazzing up.  When I first saw it, of course I was drawn to the polka dots…who doesn’t think polka dots are happy?  I pictured this set painted a fun color and some sweet young lady wanting it for her dorm, unfortunately my dreams were dashed when my wise daughter informed me that dorms don’t usually have room for a sofa and chair.  (Guess that just shows how little I know about dorms … wait     just      a      minute … how does SHE know the size of a dorm?  She never lived in a dorm…..don’t tell me, I don’t really want to know, in my eyes she’s practically perfect in every way and would never party before the age of 21.)

Back to Margaret, Part 2.  When I realized she wouldn’t work for a dorm I gave up thinking about her….or I thought I had until I went back to where she was for sale and she was still there. Still there and just waiting for me to take her home and give her a makeover.   I looked at her again and her ugly sad brown body…..what color would compliment her polka dot cushions and where could she actually be used?  Not too many men I know would allow their wives to have this in their living room….so how about a young lady’s first apartment?  It’s affordable, so that’s a possibility and it’s better than IKEA furniture so that’s a plus.  Or…someone even suggested that she would be perfect in a salon.  SWEET!  I can so see this in a sassy salon.

Now for the color.  Oh bother.  I of course immediately wanted to paint it a shade of aqua and was told “no, you want to paint everything aqua….use another color”.  How about white?  Nope, white is too expected.  Red?  Nope, too bull fighterish.  Orange?  Nope, too Halloweenish.  Green?  No, too Green Giant and Little Sproutish.  Shoot, I’m running out of suggestions.  Yellow?  Hmmm…yellow?  Well, that seems a bit Margaret-like.  Perfect! If it’s good enough for Margaret, Part 1 to wear, it’s good enough for Margaret, Part 2 to wear.  Yellow it is….now to find just the right yellow.  Oh my gosh, can anyone spell “O.C.D.”?  Many, many, many coats of yellow paint and many, many, many hours later…Margaret, Part 2 was ready for her unveiling…..she has finally made it front and center and into the window at Alter’d Relics.  (Huge thanks to my humble window dresser assistants Yvonne and Cheryl; neither of whom I can picture wearing yellow with polka dots.)

The ending of my story is quite sad; Margaret, Part 1 will be moving to Florida in less than 4 weeks…I’ll miss her so….as will any Ohioan that has had the pleasure to know her.  I can’t help but wonder how long Margaret, Part 2 will be in my life?  Will she be gone before Margaret, Part 1 or will Margaret, Part 1 decide she has to take Margaret, Part 2 with her to the Sunshine State?   She is moving after all…maybe she’ll need a sweet polka dot set for her photography studio or maybe she’ll have a sun room that needs a sunny looking little duo.   Whatever happens in the end, I sincerely hope both of the Margaret’s in my life find very nice abodes to call home and I also hope they live happily ever after.  They both deserve it.

6 days you labor, 7th day you rest.


My seventh day of rest didn’t begin until 7pm yesterday after returning home from ‘A Day in the Country’, but technically it was still the seventh day, right?  I came home, grabbed my new best friend…the heating pad and immediately passed out, my head didn’t even have a chance to hit the beloved feather pillow, nor did I brush my teeth or wash my face, (sorry mom) I fell asleep in a chair! To say this show kicked my old ass is an understatement! Sure. It was a lot of fun and we got to chat with both old and new friends….but none-the-less….it kicked my ass.  Lots of loading, unloading and reloading goods and we still haven’t even unloaded the truck, trailer and two SUV’s at the shop yet.  (Anyone in the mood for a parking lot clearance sale???)

What a great show and I’m sure you’re all wondering if we’ll be doing it again next year? Most certainly.  I have a feeling this is like when I had my second, third and fourth babies; you forget how bad the pain is until you’re in the midst of it and it’s way too late to turn back.  Like having babies, a few hours of pain gives you an awful lot of pure joy.

“And on the eighth day there was JOY.”  Okay, okay, I know there’s no ‘eighth day’ but it just sounded right.  Now for the correct version: it’s Monday and after sleeping in a chair without waking for 13 hours, I am joyful with the outcome of our crazy busy weekend.  Thank you to our customers that couldn’t  find us tucked into the back of the tent; we’re so appreciative that after reading my Saturday post you came back on Sunday and found us.  We love you guys……truly.  Now about that parking lot clearance sale…..

Crappy weather? What crappy weather?

I received a call at 7:15 this morning from our buddy and tent-mate John from Re-Nu (truly amazing industrial goods located in Ravenna) asking me which I wanted first; the bad news or the good news?  Bad news?  Geez Louise it’s only 7:15 in the morning and I had only had 3 hours sleep…how could there be bad news already?   I decided to go with the bad news first to get it over with….after all, if it was bad enough I would just crawl back into bed and pull my down comforter over my head.   Bad news was that we had this ridiculously heavy sweet blue cabinet with glass doors on display in our tent; seems that during the night Mother Nature (I’m getting a bit sick of that bitch woman screwing with our weather) decided to rearrange things for us.  She totally blew the cabinet over and all the beautiful purses spilled out, the lamp that was displayed on top broke along with a few other items of loveliness.  Now for the good news….the glass doors didn’t even so much as crack!  I was on the phone with John as he stood the ridiculously heavy cabinet back up and he said, “you’re never gonna believe this, the freakin glass doors didn’t even break!”  Unbelievable….guess the day wasn’t going to be too bad after all.

So now I’m off the phone and reality has set in.  It’s dark and rainy out with crazy gusts of wind…I truly did want to get back under that down comforter!  I headed for a hot shower and decided to be a big girl, do the right thing and head to Randolph Fairgrounds for a day of freezing fun.  Have I mentioned the weather was shitty uncooperative?  I began by rearranging Mother Nature’s displays, turns out I’m a better visual merchandiser than she is….but don’t tell her that, we still have to spend tomorrow in that tent!  At 9:00 the “Early Birds” stormed the gates and it was downhill from there.  We had such a nice day, it was truly incredible…..sure validates the fact that nothing keeps women from shopping; but we knew that already, right?  We met so many interesting people and had so many laughs throughout the day AND we even had a visit from our favorite (and only) celebrity friend Mary Beth Breckenridge from the Beacon Journal………turns out she found out about “A Day in the Country” by reading about it on our blog.  We are so enamored with the fact that she follows our blog, maybe one day I’ll be a guest writer for the Beacon….but then again, maybe not, I may be too witty for them, plus I have been known to use bad words.  (See above)

So in closing, my day that started out so badly, turned out to be totally fantastic.  Great sales all day, and met fun people who are going to come to the shop and hang out and I’m actually looking forward to heading back to that tent tomorrow.  The tent that I so dreaded being set up in, turned out to be the best place to be; we’re tucked in along the back wall and it’s like a cozy little  shop.  Cozy, yep, our cozy little corner of loveliness.  One of our new customers actually said, “this tent is the most fun place at the show, I’m most definitely going to check out your shop, I bet it’s amazing!”  That being said………..if you didn’t venture out to the show today, you really should check it out tomorrow, (10:00 – 3:00) the weather will be nicer and you may find some great deals.  I know I for one want to be reloading unsold furniture….make us an offer….please don’t make us re-load that ridiculously heavy sweet blue cabinet again.  I think I hear her calling your name….”hey you over there, yes you, the good-looking one,  please take me home with you”.  Do it or I’ll sick that bitch Mother Nature on you and she’ll turn your world upside down!

Rain or Shine!


We are hoping for clear blue skies this weekend! If it’s looking like rain, wear your cute boots and bring your umbrella because it will still be a beautiful day!  The handmade & vintage vendors will be inside as well as outside under tents. The dining hall will be open also so you can sit down regardless of the weather to enjoy some tasty treats! We can’t wait to share this weekend with you!

A Day In The Country:

Admission $3

Saturday, October 18, 10-5

Sunday, October 19, 10-3

Randolph Fairgrounds, Randolph, Ohio


‘A Day in the Country’ here we come!


We’re heading to “A Day in the Country” at Randolph Fairgrounds to set up our little shop away from home this weekend.  (Sat 10-5 and Sun 10-3) We’re getting pretty excited and have the Angels on our side….thanks to Austin, my first-born son knowing how to skillfully use a plasma cutter and for donating his many hours to us….so appreciate it and so in love.  Just wait until you see these beauties up close and personal!  I happened upon some old galvanized tin panels in our yard (don’t tell Gary, he’ll never notice they’re missing) and I loaded them up and took them to  Austin along with my Akron Beacon Journal patterns I had sketched out.  I think he thought I was crazy, but he’s sure proud in the end!  He made me angel wings, Christmas trees and even some hearts.  He decided to add some broken lines to the hearts…I thought they were meant to be broken hearts but he said “nope”, they’re his ‘healing hearts’.  How sweet is that?  Thank you from the bottom of my “healing heart”  Austin for making my vision a reality; they truly turned out better than I had ever expected.  And to you fabulous followers?  You better come to our booth first, there are a very limited number of these sweeties.

A Day (or 2) in the Country ~


Come join us for the inaugural ‘Day in the Country’ @ The Randolph Fairgrounds. We are so excited, for this event and look f

orward to seeing you this weekend. Enjoy a fun fall day out as the leaves are changing …show hours Saturday 10-5p-Sunday 10a-3p.

~ Please note Alt

er’d Relics will be closed Friday the17th for show set up and closed as well on Saturday the 18th for the show. **Skip Barberton next weekend and come to Randolph!**